Grades of Vermont Maple Syrup

aunt janeThe grades of Vermont Maple Syrup produced on the Carman Brook Farm are pure and natural. Made from the maple sap produced by maple trees on our farm, it is pesticide and formaldehyde free, contains no preservatives, artificial flavorings or color. Maple Syrup is naturally gluten free. You can feel good about Vermont Maple Syrup on your table.

Many Vermonters will tell you what is their favorite grade, but it all comes down to personal preference and the right syrup for the job. All the maple syrup grades are made using the same process.  The information below is provided to help consumers make an informed decision on their maple syrup purchases. The chart below will help you select the right syrup.

marascas 3.29 4 grades_3What you need to know….

At the Carman Brook Farm everyone is a maple connoisseur!

At the Carman Brook Farm everyone is a maple connoisseur!

Golden Delicate Taste/Fancy –The lightest syrup made in the beginning of the maple season when the temperatures are colder. Golden Delicate Taste is a sweet, maple flavor with buttery notes. Popular as an ice cream topper, it is preferred for some home baking confections and as table syrup.

Amber Rich Taste/Table Syrup – Boasting more maple flavor and amber color, this grade of syrup is a favorite for pancakes, french toast and waffles. The Amber Rich Taste is a sure crowd pleaser with its translucent amber hue in glass bottles as well as its pleasant, rich maple flavor. Amber Rich Taste is a good syrup for gifts and for party favors.

Dark Robust Taste/Table Syrup – The more concentrated maple flavor of Dark Robust Taste makes this grade a versatile syrup. In addition to being a favorite choice for table syrup, the hearty maple flavors enhance oatmeal, yogurt and entrees. A favorite among children for its bold maple flavor this grade is a good choice for families. Due to the savory maple flavor, Dark Robust Taste enhances many culinary delights such as meat and vegetable glazes, salad dressings, and a variety of baked goods and as a natural sweetener in beverages.

Very Dark Strong Taste – The darkest and most maple flavor of the maple syrup grades. This grade takes all the very darkest and strongly flavored and uses one grade description. Using market descriptors, we’re able to offer our customers two additional grades.

Very Dark Strong Taste/Baking –  The light end of this grade. This syrup provides an intense maple flavor that stands up to other ingredients in recipes for baked goods, beans and meat dishes, while still providing a smooth maple taste on the pallet. If a strong maple flavor is what you prefer, you will find yourself pouring less on pancakes.

Very Dark Strong Taste/End of Season – The darkest end of the last grade, End of Season, is exactly that. The very strong flavor jumps onto your taste buds with a sharp maple flavor. The most common uses for this grade are the Master Cleanse, mead and granola as well as baking and cooking recipes with other ingredients..

The technical stuff….

For those of you who want to know a little more about the grading system. The link below is as copied from the Vermont Department of Agriculture’s website for your reading enjoyment.

Maple Regulations


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