fall foliage on my farm

Fall Foliage On My Farm

Farm view from the west foliage

Fall foliage on my farm is especially pretty.  We give most of the credit to the sugar maple trees in our sugarbush.  We know there are a lot of maples in Vermont because we lead the other states in maple syrup production.

The maple trees and foliage on my farm lead me to believe that I live in paradise.  I may not feel like I’m in paradise, when it’s 20 degrees below zero this winter.  Certainly not a paradise during Mud Season That’s the season that’s sandwiched between winter and spring.  The dirt roads are so muddy that they’re capable of swallowing up unsuspecting, mid-sized sedans. With all that aside, today, I feel the farm I share with my family is a beautifully painted canvas.blue sky, green grass and a full foliage

The sun shone brilliantly today and the leaves, still clinging to the trees, are just about at peak foliage. I knew it had to be today or I could possibly miss capturing this year’s masterpiece for all of eternity.  I grabbed my camera and headed out to photograph the fall foliage.

Where the maple tree gets it color?

The maple leaf gets it green color from the chemical compound, chlorophyll.  The chlorophyll starts the photosynthesis process.  Photosynthesis is the process that leaves use to turn sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into plant food, or glucose.

When Labor Day passes, and the nights are colder and the days have less sunlight. This allows the fall foliage  to bring its spectacular display of color to Vermont’s landscape. As the photosynthesis starts shutting down, the chlorophyll that was making the leaves look green, starts to fade.sugarhouse and barn against fall foliage

Colors of maple trees and fall foliage

The reds, oranges, yellows and browns start to appear.  The annual viewing of the colors bring many tourists to Vermont and throughout New England. You can’t take home a maple tree, but pure Vermont maple syrup leaves the state daily with happy leaf peepers.

Maple trees turn these colors for a variety of reasons.  Weather and survival tactics play a role as does the chemical make up of the trees. Stressed trees may turn early and different types of trees change different colors.  Regardless, they all add their unique splash of color to the foliage.

Maple trees and fall foliage on my farm

The valley that we live in is surrounded by maple trees.   Those maple trees are responsible for the vast majority of the color.  We think we have the best fall foliage of any New England landscape.  I hope that some day, you, too, get a chance to experience fall foliage in Vermont and to visit the Carman Brook Farm.

farmall tractor on my farm and fall foliage view of my farm and fall foliage from the north landscape on my farm and fall foliage buildings on my farm and fall foliage fall foliage on my farm from the fields fall foliage on my farm from the hill to the south fall foliage on my farm from the north

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  1. Your farm-scape is awesomely, strikingly gorgeous. Just breath-takingly beautiful.

    My husband and I were both born and raised in New Jersey and we loved it when the leaves would turn to Technicolor in the Fall. I have to say that, as beautiful as that was, these views from you farm is stunning. Your farm is pretty as a picture. Thanks for letting us share that beauty.

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  2. My mother is happy to see these beautiful pictures of the farm with all the autumn colours, she also said she is lucky to have grown in such a beautiful state

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  3. What great memories I have of the trip to New England I made with three friends a few years back. The fall colors were spectacular, and our visit to your farm was definitely a highlight! My family loves that CB maple syrup!

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