Curious Coyote Puppies

Earth Day Surprise in Maple Sugarwoods

We had a surprise on Earth Day in our Maple Sugarwoods this spring, when our team of untappers were busy pulling the taps from the maple trees.

The 45th Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 2015.  In 1970 Sen Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin asked Americans to set aside this day in observance of the environment; air, water and land pollution and to demonstrate respect for all living things.  When you live and make your living on a farm every day is Earth Day and you never know what new experience you will find.

While Levon and his team were pulling spouts in the sugarwoods, they came across a den of coyote puppies.  They were able to get close to the den and snap a few pictures.  It was amazing to be able to see something like this close up in its natural habitat.  They were really lucky that the mom and dad coyote were not around!

Levon did a little coyote investigating on the internet and found out that when left alone, coyotes regulate their numbers. Coyote populations often follow their prey base. For example, when jackrabbit populations decline, coyote populations usually follow the same trend. Over the last several years we’ve noticed a big increase in the rabbit population.  For years you never saw a rabbit and now we see them often while driving down the road.

Much like wolves, coyotes have a highly structured pack hierarchy, with only the alpha pair breeding. Other females, though physiologically capable of reproducing, are “behaviorally sterile.”  To learn more about coyotes the information article we refer to is written by Predator Defense.    

We wonder why they Mom and Dad coyote didn’t get their Wedding Favors from the Carman Brook Farm!

A Youtube video can be seen here.

Click on the photos to see a larger image.

Snapshot 7 (4-24-2015 5-08 PM) Snapshot 8 (4-24-2015 5-09 PM) Snapshot 1 (4-24-2015 5-04 PM) Snapshot 2 (4-23-2015 5-10 PM) Snapshot 2 (4-24-2015 5-05 PM) Snapshot 3 (4-24-2015 5-05 PM) Snapshot 4 (4-24-2015 5-06 PM) Snapshot 5 (4-24-2015 5-07 PM) Snapshot 6 (4-24-2015 5-08 PM)













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