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Elegant Wedding Favors Split Leaf


Available starting with a minimum order of 24, we split the order quantity among our two favorite grades of syrup, contrasting each other perfectly in color and taste. As the newest offering in our event favor line, this elegant favor looks absolutely stunning. Especially placed alternately by grade at your table place settings. We could also envision this bottle featured in a single favor display, sure to grab everyone's eyes, especially your photographer.

Our favorite hangtag small business is from Karla Brown, who operates an Etsy shop with a ton of different elegant designs, varying in color and style. Check her shop out to find the perfect hangtag to complement this beautiful, luxurious favor. 

Our half-leaf favor can be ordered in 1.7 oz. or 3.29 oz. bottles, split between our two different grades of maple syrup.

Syrup Details

As mentioned, these favors are split between two different grades of maple syrup, I've written an in depth blog about the differences of each. However, suffice it to say that the two chosen, Amber Rich and Dark Robust Taste are our two most popular table syrups. Each half leaf is equivalent to the size of our small and medium sized leaf favors, 1.7 and 3.29 fluid ounces, respectively. 

Ordering Details

  • Orders ship within 1 to 2 days of placing your order.
  • Favor pricing is for a minimum of 24 favors, 12 of each grade.
  • Maple syrup is extremely shelf stable, so ordering early will not impact the quality of syrup (so long as your wedding isn't a few years out!).
  • Use discount code FAVOR15 at checkout for 15% off!