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Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies | Legacy Box |

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Turkey Hill maple cream cookies are packed with a rich creamy filling just like Oreos when you were a kid. In both a vanilla or chocolate cookie, the maple cream filling is simply delicious and satisfies a sweet craving after dinner. Buy them before my grandchildren eat us out of stock!

***As a note, "best by" dates may be in the near future or past the date in which you purchase this product. We're at the mercy of suppliers and we often receive these cookies with only a few month window until the "best by" date is reached. If you need to know the "best by" date of the latest batch of cookies we have in stock, send us an email and we'll respond promptly. Read more about "best by" dates here to understand what this date means: FDA-Food Product Dating.***

Maple Cream Cookies - BB10/20/2023

Chocolate Maple Cream Cookies - BB10/20/2023

Shipping Considerations

We always say that the first pound of shipping is the most expensive. Ordering more than one package of cookies will divide the shipping costs and provide more value. 

Product Description

  • Each box contains 18 cookies.  Net wt. 14.1 oz.
  • Available in Chocolate and Maple with the same maple cream filling.
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