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4 Pack Employee Recognition Gift

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Individual pricing starts at $25 each. Click here for small or individual orders. 

Employee Appreciation Gift

Deciding on a gift that satisfies everyone is a problem as old as time, give the gift of choice with our 4 Pack Sampler. Maple syrup is a unique luxury item that will put a smile on the face of whoever is fortunate enough to receive it. The 4 different grades provide a beautiful contrast of colors that catch the eye and provide an opportunity to find out for yourself what type of syrup is for you.

Product Details

The 4 Pack Sampler features 4 individual, 3.29 oz. glass bottles, each filled with different grades of Vermont maple syrup.  As a gluten free and vegan food, this product has utility for everyone. Many people new to maple products are unsure which type is right for them, provide yourself or others the gift of choice with Carman Brook Farm's maple syrup sampler.

Golden Delicate Taste/Fancy
Amber Rich Taste/Table Syrup
Dark Robust Taste/Table Syrup
Very Strong Dark Taste/Baking