Welcome to Carman Brook Maple Farm

Carman Brook has been providing live stock, produce, and maple products to Vermont and beyond for over 100 years. Our experience, passion, and quality awareness has been a closely held pride for generations. We’re very excited to bring a taste of Vermont to the Vermont, the United States, and our friends and family beyond.

Holiday Maple Candies

The products we produce and sell at Carman Brook Maple Farm are from recipes tested over decades, we’re sure you’ll approve. From maple candies to maple syrup, wedding favors to halloween gifts, holiday treats to fun eats, and anything beyond. Be sure to visit our online store to see all the sweat treats. Place and order and bring a bit of Vermont home, wherever that may be.

We take a lot of pride when people choose our delicate creations as center pieces and guest favors at their most important days. Not only do our maple wedding favors look great but they also taste great. Memories are literally created by everything from sight to smell, touch to taste, let our maple treats become a memory you’ll never forget.