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Brooke Shields & Vermont Maple Syrup Gifts

Vermont Maple Syrup Gifts

Brooke Shields told People’s Magazine that Vermont maple syrup gifts is at the top of her list when she’s looking for something special, especially for the women on her list.  Shields stated in the magazine that “We go through a lot of maple syrup in our house.”  Not surprising since Shields is a mother.  Most of the mothers I know, including myself, strive to serve natural and wholesome products to the family.

Best Style Container

Shields’ said that she likes pint-sized tin containers of maple syrup for gifts.  While the tin is how syrup has been sold for over a century and enjoyed wide popularity among sugar makers in the early 1900’s, we’ve made a lot of progress in the packaging of maple syrup.  The downside of the tin container is that it’s hard to get the metal insert out of the container without distorting the shape of the pour spout. The tin insert sits inside the spout and has to be removed with some kind of tool that is metal.  I’ve used screwdrivers, bottle openers and butter knives, its never easy and is an accident waiting to happen. That pour spout is another issue, if you can get it open.  It always makes a mess when pouring because it sits too far from the edge of the container.  Add that to the fact that the syrup takes on a tinny taste after several months.  If you have silver filings in your teeth, you’ll know immediately what I mean on the first bite.

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Plastic and glass containers have been replacing those old tin containers. Plastic is a good way of storing syrup in the fridge and the syrup won’t take on a tinny flavor if its still in the condiment tray of your fridge come Valentine’s Day, when you received it several months earlier. Glass containers offer a lot of variety and can add to a pretty table setting. Many customers will get a plastic container and then a glass one to keep filing from the plastic for breakfast table.  The different size maple leaf bottles can be a serving for one or for a family.

Let’s talk about that price of $14.95 that Shields is paying.  Apparently, she isn’t worried about getting the most for her dime because you can get a pint of Vermont maple syrup for $11.00 and its the same, great quality.  Why can we do a pint for $11 instead of $14.95?  Our family makes a lot more syrup and we buy containers in bulk. It helps to pass some savings on to our customers. You can save again, if you order 6 or more maple syrup items shipping to one address.  Save an additional 10% without having to remember a coupon code.  Once you hit 6 items the discount on Vermont maple syrup gifts will be calculated automatically in the shopping cart.

More Than One Flavor

4 Pack Maple Syrup Sampler

While the People’s Magazine noted a pint of maple syrup, they didn’t say which grade Brooke Shields prefers on her table.  Depending on how you plan to use maple syrup and what your taste buds like, there are several grades that are defined by color and flavor.  The Carman Brook Farm 4 Pack Maple Syrup Sampler is another good gift for that someone special.  It gives them an opportunity to try out all four grades in an appealing gift pack.

Not Just for Breakfast

Vermont maple syrup gifts bring a lot of versatility to the recipient.  You can cook and bake with maple syrup and there are many recipes online and in recipe books. We have a few of our favorites listed on our website. The holiday season is a good time to try a new recipe and make a new family favorite like our Maple Cream Pie.

Hostess Gifts


Sure a bottle of wine is a standard hostess gift, but what about a nice bottle of Vermont maple syrup?  We’ve been selling syrup by the dozen in these beautiful etched marasca bottles as hostess gifts.  A customer recently told me he’s certain that he gets dinner invites because everyone knows he’s coming with a bottle of Vermont maple syrup as a gift.

Finding Vermont Maple Syrup Gifts

We sell our maple syrup at our farm store, several stores in Northern Vermont and to online customers. We look forward to helping you find the perfect Vermont Maple Syrup gifts for your special someone.  Contact us for real service and satisfaction.



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