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Personalized Wedding Favor Place Setting

Personalized Wedding Favors

More than ever we are seeing a rising popularity in custom wedding favors. With a spike in FAQ’s, we decided to write this blog and explain the process further. Many soon to be wed couples see the value of not only providing a unique and classy party favor, but something that stays with your guests far longer than the day of festivities. I don’t think it’s going too far to state that many of the weddings we’ve attended throughout the years have had event favors that were left behind by guests at the end of the party.

Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

Much of a wedding ceremony is rooted in tradition, tradition that varies with everyone’s cultural background. As far back as the 16th century, the practice of gifting a small token of your appreciation to guests has been recorded throughout Europe and following settlers to North America. It is our opinion that there is a divide between memorable gifts that will resonate with your guests, and trinkets that will be left behind or quickly forgotten. Maple syrup wedding favors are sure to be the exception and leave a lasting impression.

Personalized Wedding Favors in Bulk

We are more than happy to ship an order from single items to vast quantities that need pallet service on a truck. With that said, when we deal with our engraved glass bottles, we utilize a local, third-party engraving service that requires a minimum order of 24. To satisfy your customization needs, we currently offer 3 different font styles as our default options, Brush Script, Murray Hill, or Nuptial fonts. Recently, we have seen a trend of couples designing their own “branded” wedding image, if this is something you’re interested in, we only request that you send us a high quality vector file and our engraver will emboss your design on the glass of your choice.

Personalized wedding favor font styles.

Custom Wedding Favor Alternatives

The beauty of a maple syrup wedding favor is that it is neutral enough to blend with any wedding theme: rustic, elegant, classic, or fall wedding styles. Custom hang tags with ribbon or twine are an easy way to dress your favor up in the styling of your choice. At this time, we do not currently offer an in-house option for hang tags; however, we have had glowing recommendations from Minted and Beau-Coup. In addition to this, we have seen the more tech savvy couples design and print their own from a local office supply store.

Custom Hang Tags

How Early Should You Order Personalized Wedding Favors in Bulk?

Similar to our branded corporate gifts, the earlier the better when dealing with customization. Size of the order, shipping location, travel to and from the engraver, and many other factors can affect the turnaround time of personalized favors. It is our recommendation that you order at least 3 weeks before the planned date of delivery. We encourage you to contact us so that we can help contribute to a desirable solution.

Custom Wedding Favors

We hope that this blog answers most of your questions regarding the customization of maple syrup wedding favors. Contact us today to get your personalized maple syrup wedding favors ordered.

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