The 2014 Maple Season

The 2014 maple sugaring season is turning into one for the record books for uniqueness and patience. March, usually the biggest production month, saw only 9 boils that produced 25% of a full crop for our farm. The extreme cold temperatures and winter storms really have kept the woods frozen.

With April 1st came drastic changes in the temperature as it became more seasonal. The freezes at night and the thaws during the day really helped the trees to thaw. There is a lot of snow left in the woods giving us hope that the trees will wake up slowly. In the first five days of April we’ve made another 25% of our syrup harvest. By the time the maple harvest ended we had made an average maple crop. The quality of the syrup has been exemplary this year.

tank and pump in woods

The prolonged maple season combined with weather that isn’t cooperating is pushing back our outside work schedule for the dairy. Fencing around the pastures and the start of fieldwork are behind schedule. The heavy rain and snowmelt flooded the woods and fields as can be seen by the high water level at one of our pumping stations in the woods.




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